Acupuncture Sessions for Your Pet

Cat portrait

Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital is happy to offer our pet patients therapeutic and highly beneficial acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture stems from ancient health practices in China, where healers discovered 173 acupoints in animals. Present-day research has revealed these acupoints are associated with dense areas of nerve endings, arterioles, lymphatics, and vital cells of immunity. When these acupoints are stimulated, serotonin, endorphins, and other helpful neurotransmitters that help relieve pain are released.

Acupuncture is especially helpful when conventional therapy and medications are ineffective, have undesirable side effects, or when surgery is not feasible. Overall, acupuncture can help with the following health issues and illnesses:

  • Question markMuscle, ligament, and tendon injuries
  • Question markDegenerative joint disease/arthritis and intervertebral disc disease
  • Question markNeurological disorders
  • Question markIncontinence
  • Question markAllergies
  • Question markAsthma, chronic coughs, and sinusitis
  • Question markGastrointestinal disorders
  • Question markBehavioral problems
  • Question markEndocrine issues
  • Question markGeriatric problems
  • Question markOther pain management

A Safe, Therapeutic Solution for Pets

Acupuncture is very safe and is usually enjoyable for our pet patients. In some cases, cats and dogs actually fall asleep during their session. Although acupuncture should not be the sole form of treatment your pet receives, its application provides wide-ranging benefits and can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.

Dr. Tracy Fuelleman received her training in acupuncture at Colorado State University through the Scientific Integrative Medicine Program and is certified in Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians. When we use these traditional practices in conjunction with modern veterinary medicine, your pet’s body is better able to resist and fight disease. Ultimately, the old and the new can work synergistically to keep your pet happy and healthy.